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Redwood fence horizontal, stained.

5 Reasons to Choose a Wood Fence for Your Backyard  

Backyard fences are an essential part of modern suburban life. Your backyard is supposed to be your little slice of paradise, whatever that means for you. That’s true not just for you, but for all of your neighbors as well.  

There are many types of fences you can build around your backyard, from utilitarian chain-link fences to decorative brick and stonework fences, but by far the most popular for suburban neighborhoods is the standard wood fence. Why? Because it works. If you’re wondering if this classic choice is right for your backyard’s new fence or updated fence, let’s take a look at the five very good reasons why families have been choosing wooden backyard fences for decades. 

Improved Privacy 

The wood slat design is lightweight and easy to install, but it’s also an incredible source of privacy compared to other fencing options. Flat wooden slats laid professionally into a slatted panel fence provide superb privacy, for both you and your neighbors. The wonderful thing about a well-built wooden fence is that while your neighbors can’t see what you’re up to, you can’t see what’s going on in their backyards either. 

From summer pool parties to backyard barbecues, a wooden fence will maintain that ‘good neighbor’ policy by allowing all neighbors to enjoy their personal paradise without having to worry about what goes on next door.


Wooden fences work well with the classic family structure. Children and pets can be a mischievous bunch and can get up to quite a bit if left alone in the backyard. Unlike a chain-link fence that can be climbed (or snag on clothing), or a decorative fence of an unusual design, you can be confident that young children and family pets alike will be reliably and safely contained inside a traditional wood slatted backyard fence.  

Simple, Traditional Aesthetics

Another often-undervalued benefit of the classic wooden fence is the fact that it looks just like everyone else’s fence in the neighborhood, if perhaps a little newer when freshly installed. There is something to be said for not standing out when building your backyard enclosure. It prevents nosy neighbors from observing your personal backyard business; and when it comes time to sell, it increases the suburban appeal of your home for those who prefer traditional aesthetics in home design. 


If you live in an HOA community as many homeowners do, then matching your fence to the style of the neighborhood is the single safest choice you can make when building anything new for the outdoor area of your home. Some HOAs are adamant about maintaining a consistent and uniform style for all neighborhood homes, right down to the color, material, style, and height of your backyard fence. For strict HOAs, a traditional wood slatted fence is one of the safest and best choices available.

Easy to Repaint and Repair

A wood slat fence is far easier to repair than other types of fences that are installed in large pieces. If a slat cracks from an impact or decays from a damp patch, you can simply remove the offending slats and replace them with identical pieces of wood. Wood fences are also very receptive to paint, so if you’re looking to refresh your backyard with a new coat of paint, wood fences make that an easy upgrade.

For more information about choosing the right fence material and style for your Southern California backyard, contact Westlake Dream Gates today! 

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