Gates are the entrance to your home

A beautiful gate has the power to completely transform the first impression your visitors have and it will be a wonderful reminder that you are at home. A well made gate is a pleasure to open and close and you will feel the quality it is made with – Every day!

At Westlake Dream Gates we offer a variety of different gates made with wood, aluminum, steel or wrought iron. All our wood gates have a steel frame to provide the strength and sturdiness to make your gate last for years without any sag or warp. There is a huge variety of different hardware for hinges, latches and locks that we can build in our gates.

Sometimes a classic like a standard self locking latch is all you need and other times a WIFI enabled deadbolt is the way to go. For projects with intercom system we can install electric strikes to open your pedestrian gate from anywhere with your phone.  We can help you with either one.

Which gate type do I need?

There are two different types of swing gates single swing gates and double swing gates. Typically a single swing gate is between 3 ft and 4 ft wide. Usually they open 90 degrees in one direction inside or outside but they can also be manufactured too swing 180 degrees. Larger driveway gates are often build with double swing gates to cover a driveway of 20 or more feet.

Roll gates are a great option if your space allows to have the entire width of the gate roll to the side. They use very little space and allow maximum space to park a car within a few feet of the gate

Gate repair

Is your wrought iron or steel gate broken, doesn’t close or open anymore? The hinge or latch post has detached from the wall? Your steel or wrought iron fence is corroded? Do you ask yourself if you should invest in a new one or repair your existing installation? 


We have the answer for you!

Gate Repair

Maintenance of your gate

  • Lube the hinges. A drop of WD40 or some grease will do wonders.
  • If your gate is painted or stained consider getting the paint/stain renewed every 2-3 years. That’s the ‘skin’ which will protect the material underneath and make your gate last. 
  • As soon as you see the gaps of the gate are changing or the gate starts rubbing against the post or floor, call a professional to evaluate the problem. 
  • Most important of all. Turn sprinklers away from your gate. This will add decades to the lifetime of your gate
  • Don’t slam the gate or let it slam if it has self closing hinges. Your latch post will get loose over time if you

A stunning gate transformation

Mahogany Gate Transformation

What a transformation ... Automated driveway and pedestrian gate, horizontal mahogany wood 5.5in with 1/4in gap on steel frame. 4x4in 1/4in thick hinge post. Lifetime wood treatment, Liftmaster LA500 single swing arm, Doorbird D21x with NFC chip function, and app control. Optex vehicle exit sensor.

Gate Examples

No matter what material or style you choose, we can fabricate a beautiful matching gate to all our fences. We are also specialized in updating your old gate or build a new one that will fit your existing design. 

Tired of opening your gate manually? We are experienced in gate automation and access control.

If you have a picture of the gate you’d like to have for your house send it to us and we can make that dream reality.