Damaged fence or gate?

 Is your wrought iron or steel gate broken, doesn’t close or open anymore? The hinge or latch post has detached from the wall? Your steel or wrought iron fence is corroded? Do you ask yourself if you should invest in a new one or repair your existing installation? 

Keep reading, we have the answer for you!

Top Repair Reasons

  • Water. More than 80% of the repairs we do are due to water. Sprinklers are the number one reason why your fence or gate is rusted and corroded and you should always keep water away from your fence or gate regardless of what type of material it is made out of. 
  • Nature is in continues movement and the soil your house is build on is no exception. The ground shifts over time and so do your walls. A gate that used to work great 10 years ago may now have shifted enough to not open or close properly any more or only with excessive force.

How The Repair Works

Depending on the damage to the gate we often are able to replace rotten pieces, old or broken hinges or gate latches and replace them with new ones. Most of the time welding is involved at some stage of the repair work. We carefully use blankets and other methods of masking to ensure your property is not impacted by the repair work.

Pool Compliance

It’s not always possible but in many cases we are able to switch the opening direction of your gate. If you currently have a standard self closing gate latch and there are no obstructions on the outswing gate side there is a good chance we are able to change the gate opening direction add self closing hinges or a spring and provide you with a cost effective pool compliant gate.

General Maintenance

Wood: any wood gate should be cleaned every 1-3 years, visually inspected and re-stained if needed. Cleaning can be done with a chlorine solution. This will eliminate any mold or mildew and refresh the color of the wood.

Aluminum: they need very little maintenance. Usually wiping dust of with a microfiber towel is all it takes.

Ornamental (steel) or wrought iron: a visual inspection once a year and if rust is visible it should be eliminated (sanded) and re-painted. We can help to exchange damaged panels or sections. 

Repair costs

Naturally, customers would like to know how much a repair costs. Usually we will ask to send us a picture to get a better idea of the work to be done. Based on our experience typical repair cost are in the range of $250 to $650 with a simple latch or hinge repair on the lower side and more complex work on the higher side.

Considering the cost of a new gate a repair can quickly save you 60 to 80% of installing a new gate.  

Repair & Maintenance Examples

Here we removed the rust stain marks from the concrete and replaced the old ornamental gate with a new wood gate on a steel frame.

Rusted gate. We replaced and adjusted bolts, tightened the hinge post, sanded the gate and applied industrial grade direct to metal paint.

One section of the fence was completely rusted due to years of water from a sprinkler. We cut out the rusted profile, replaced it with a new one, welded it on and applied a cold galvanizing spray. The customer painted it later on. 

The wall was leaning over and the gate was stuck. We removed the old latch post and replaced it with a post that would fit the space, adjusted all bolts and the latch and painted the post. 

The gate was installed by a different company. The customer wasn’t happy with the finish and the opening direction of the gate. We took of the old hinges, adjusted the hinge gap, switched the opening direction ,added a new gate stopper, grinded off the welds and applied cold galvanizing spray. The customer painted the gate afterwards.